Bob-omb Tortoise

A belated happy Halloween from the cutest, grumpiest, and hungriest Bob-omb ever!

Now I really am da bomb!

This year, I tried something new and posted a serialized, weeklong story about Bob-omb Kirby and Mario on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. That is why this post is so late: I didn’t want to spoil the story!

Shello, Mario!

Explosion of cute and crafty details right this way! →



Kirby is in a Google commercial!! Check him out at 0:14:

On top of that, Kirby made the news in England again!!

The Daily Mail also posted a cute edit of Kirby’s video on their Facebook videos page:

The video in the Google commercial and in the Daily Mail is of Kirby’s first strawberry, three years ago:

To top all of this off—I can’t believe I am saying this—this video is now up to over 1 MILLION VIEWS!? Kirby is a shellebrity!!

Facebook’ing It!

We made a Facebook page!

As always, we will keep posting photos of Kirby every day on Tumblr and Instagram, but now we will also be posting daily Kirby photos on Facebook! Especially exciting Kirby posts and detailed write-ups on my crafty endeavors will continue here as usual.

Continue reading for bonus outtakes because I am too cute to ever stop at just one photo!

Kirby is a pro at posing with website logos! →


Not only was Monday the day of the Great American Eclipse, but also it was Kirby’s birthday! (Or, more preciously, exactly four years since Kirby showed up on my doorstep in a FedEx box!) What an amazing coincidence! That calls for a special party, don’t you think?

Did someone say party time?

This year, Kirby’s birthday party got a theme: Rainbows!

This year’s birthday party may gone a bit overboard…Scroll to the end for a special surprise!

Find out what a rainbow-themed tortoise birthday party looks like right here! →