Past Projects

Cross-Stitched Cat

Very first needle/thread craft I made, besides sporadic sewing projects when I was little. In a sense, this is what started me on crocheting and knitting, too.


My mom bought me a little kit (from Jo-ann’s, I assume) back when I was in middle school that came with thread, cloth, hoop, and pattern.



My first real crochet project.

Hook size: the yellow hook I have from China
Thread: Bedspread weight cotton thread Size 10 in Cream

I made my first one of these coasters the summer after graduating from high school. I made another one during one of my college summers. There will most likely be more coming eventually.



My first (and so far only) knitting project. Made for my mommy.

Pattern: The majority of the scarf is worked in embossed moss ribbing (side note: Knitting on the Net has an awesome free online library of knitting stitches). I didn’t write down which stitch(es) I used for the edging; my best guess based on zooming in to this photo is six rows of garter stitch for each end, with the last four rows done reversed from the other two. (Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a close-up photo, and it’s now impossible to tell from the scarf itself, as explained below. :/ )
Needle size: Something rather large?
Yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted in Pale Violet (75% Wool, 25% Alpaca)

Pins and Needles hosted a learn-to-knit workshop in Frist during the Winterval my freshman year. They gave out free yarn, knitting needles, and knitting lessons. I already knew how to crochet by then, so I stopped by and learned to knit. (And subsequently went back to our quad to find myself locked out, which was okay because I had this to work on while I waited for PSafe!)

Scarves are rather boring once you’ve figured out what pattern to use and gone through a couple repititions. But they’re perfect for taking breaks from work: no brain work needed means super relaxing.

My mom really likes this scarf. She says the yarn is a bit too prickly, but she still wears it every winter and tells everyone I made it for her. :)

Just a couple weeks ago, my mom put this scarf through the washing machine. The scarf felted. >.< Guess it’s time to make a new scarf…



Made for my mommy back in 2009 over Intersession.

Smelling this makes me happy.

Hook size: the yellow hook I have from China
Threads: Bedspread weight cotton thread Size 10 in Cream, Orchid Pink, & Mint Green (?)
Other materials:

· sugar cookie-scented potpourri (Home Inspirations: Winter Collection, from Jo-Ann’s)
· a bit of tulle for the potpourri pouch


Cheerful Stripes Discloth

Made back over my summer and winter breaks in 2009.

Kind of lopsided. :/

Hook size: the yellow hook I have from China
Threads: Bedspread weight cotton thread Size 10 in Green & Cream

Currently sitting unused in a closet. My mom says it’s too nice and I put in too much work to use it as a dishcloth or rag or something. Which is the very purpose it was made for…



Made for Samwise as a going-off-to-the-land-of-Hogwarts-and-Tolkien present.

Gifted in a pyramid box because EGYPT.

Hook size: the yellow hook I have from China
Thread: Bedspread weight cotton thread Size 10 in Green

I wonder if I should have starched this.



The colors didn’t quite come out in this photo, probably because of the glass. See the ones below for what they really look like!

Before framing

Pattern: High Tide, by Barbara Mock

I fiddled with the pattern a bit to make the edges smoother and less “pixelated.” More than a year after finishing it, I finally found an affordable frame of the right size! Amazon is amazing.

I started working on the beachscape very soon after I finished the little cat cross-stitch. I didn’t finish until junior year of college, seven or eight years later. (I worked on it very much off-and-on, definitely not continuously!) Cross-stitch takes a very long time. Completely worth the time, though!

It took a lot more effort to frame than I expected. The piece is still a little bit distorted (i.e. the lines aren’t ruler-straight) and the top edge is a little crooked, but my mom and I decided to stop at this point. There’s also a faint brown stain on the top from my embroidery hoop, before I wrapped it in fabric. I didn’t wash it out because I was afraid of the colors running. Fortunately, the stain isn’t noticeable except from a certain angle.

Now I need to find somewhere to hang this…


Snoopy Pillow


Made using a kit I bought in China. The pattern called for putting text on the bottom left, next to Snoopy (I don’t remember what words). I adjusted the positions of the small Snoopy’s in that area and added another small Snoopy instead of the text.

I remember that originally, the vendor only had the Snoopy kit with an off-white pillowcase. I asked for white. In retrospect, Snoopy would have stood out better on off-white, and the back of the pillowcase then wouldn’t be blue, but I think this pillowcase works fine.

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13 thoughts on “Past Projects

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  6. I enjoyed seeing your projects! I don’t starch my bookmarks either… I think they are better that way.. they don’t crease the pages and it isn’t a disaster if they get bent!

    • Thank you! I have a lot of fun making my projects, and I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t starch my bookmarks! :)
      ~ whimsy

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