Captain America

Made for Bored.  I originally intended for Cap to be a birthday present, but Bored’s birthday was in the middle of my busy time and then I got sidetracked by graduation presents and whatnot.  In any case, Cap is appropriate for a Fourth of July barbecue, too.

Disclaimer: I did not make the flag.

Pattern:  Wings on his helmet are from CrochetBot3000.  Everything else is entirely my original design.
Hook size:  F for yarn, my yellow hook from China for the helmet wings.

· Vanna’s Choice in Colonial Blue
· Lily Sugar’n Cream in White, Red, & Black
· crochet thread in white for the helmet wings
Other materials:

· 9mm safety eyes
· A bit of elastic for the shield strap. (I don’t have any brown elastic or any brown Sharpies.)
· Letter and stars are cut from white felt.  I tried using a sticky-back felt for the first time:  Because the shapes have so many corners and crochet doesn’t give a smooth surface, I still had to sew the edges to make sure the shapes didn’t fall off.  The sticker-ness made the sewing much easier, but this felt is also looser and thinner than regular felt, which meant that for the ‘A’ and the star on his torso, I had to sew around instead of along the edges, which is definitely not as pretty.  Not sure if I’ll use this felt again.

Cap is the second ami I’ve made with boots.  The “fold-over” tops resulted in the boots being longer than I had intended, but I’m very happy with how they turned out.  I think this will be my boot pattern from now on!

I made the chest/shoulder area with the wrong side out in an attempt to simulate the scales on the top of his uniform. It’s not very noticeable, and I’m not sure it worked, but it’s there.

Cap couldn’t stand on his own, so I put some weights in his toes to help.  I’m super excited that the weights worked!  The weights I ended up using are heavy magnets, which have an amusing (and unintended) side effect:

Spidey Cap!

Turns out they’re very strong magnets.  (They’re from my mom’s purse:  The magnets on both sides fell to the bottom of her purse and kept stealing her keys, so she took her purse apart, took out the magnets, and put in a new closure mechanism.)

EDIT: Belt loops. I forgot belt loops!


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