Turtle Overload, part 2

The deluge of Lunchbox photos continues! With videos at the end!

Herro again

Right this way


Lunchbox is a very light sleeper:

Chubby Lunchbox sleeps…

…blows bubbles from his nose…

…and wakes up thoroughly confused by the black thing in front of his face that does not seem to be edible.


One time, I forgot to turn off my flash. Lunchbox was not amused:

Not amused.


A couple of weeks ago, I took Lunchbox out for a walk. I used to take him out all the time during the summer, back when there were still two, but it’s been years and years since his last walk.

Not quite the fearless explorer

Half an hour later, he finally stuck his whole neck out!


He is a much bolder investigator when he is safe inside his tank:

What’s this?

Do I smell food?

No? Okay, back to investigating.

The algae on my tank is blocking my view!

You’d really think that he’s grown too big to fit inside his cave anymore:

But you’d be wrong:

I fit just fine!

MY cave.

My rock, too.


What happens when I feed him:

NOTE: I normally never do what I do at 1:35. I did so here because I have been asked many times what his tongue/the inside of his mouth looks like. So no, I do not regularly taunt Lunchbox. And no, turtles do not have teeth.

More noms:


Lunchbox likes when we have dinner because then there are suddenly so many people and fingers and toes around him!


That’s it for now! I’m sure I will be posting plenty more photos and videos of Lunchbox, so check back if you’d like to see more!

How could you not want to see more of me?


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