Turtle Bone

Lunchbox’s first Turtle Bone:


Turtle Bone is, in fact, bone. It’s cuttlebone. That’s right, the skeleton of a cuttlefish. It looks and feels like a big hunk of chalk, complete with powdery dust that comes off when you touch it:

The whole piece is about 12 cm (just short of 5 in) long–clearly too big for Lunchbox (although that wouldn’t stop him from trying to eat the whole thing), so I broke off a small piece for him (it’s quite easy to break apart).

Turtle Bone is used as a natural source of calcium, and its rough edible surface prevents overgrown mandibles (beaks). It can also help to curb unwanted chewing behavior, but that’s not really an issue with Lunchbox.

Anyways, Lunchbox got a bit bored with his bone after half an hour or so. But he kept going back to it every now and then for another bite. (He really can’t resist eating everything that goes into his tank!)

Many hours later, I went to take out the remainder before I went to bed. (Turtle Bone should be removed if it begins to deteriorate. I don’t know how long that takes, but I figured Lunchbox had been gnawing away at it for long enough.) Lunchbox’s response to me reaching in was classic:


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