Berry Merry

A plate? What do you think I am, a Homo sapiens?

Summer = lots of fresh berries! ‘Twouldn’t be fair not to share…

The Lunchbox-approved way to eat berries →


Party Time!

No Lunchbox somersaults like those here and here, but Lunchbox still sure enjoyed the impromptu party.

(He preferred the escarole (the slightly darker leaf) to the romaine.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me when Lunchbox bit into a leaf bigger than he is and zoomed around his tank with it in his mouth.

I like when my human does something right and celebrates by feeding me extra.


One of the groceries near my house had a rare sale on raspberries last week, so I had raspberries for the first time this summer. I decided to give Lunchbox a small piece…

This is actually his second piece. The first time, he was so terrified that he retracted his head completely into his shell. Apparently he doesn’t know what to make of bright red things. I shall have to show him more red things.

Eventually, of course, his overpowering need to eat everything that comes his way took over, and he discovered deliciousness! Looks like he still remembered the deliciousness several days later, when I gave him his second piece and took this video. He’s still not pleased by the bright redness though.

EDIT: Further testing confirms: Lunchbox does not like red things. At all.