FAQ and not-so-FAQ

Gratuitous photo of unsuccessful finger chomping that has nothing to do with this post.


Question made self-evident by the answer:

Interrupting my afternoon nap for this?!

Note: His neck is more than half the length of his shell.

How big will he get?

Unclear, considering how small he still is. Red-eared sliders normally grow to 8-13 inches (8-10 in for males, 10-13 in for females) and have a life expectancy of ~30 years.

How do you know Lunchbox is a he?

I don’t know for sure because he’s so small. But I’m pretty sure Lunchbox is a male based on the positioning of his cloaca (beyond the edge of the carapace), shape of his head (getting pointier), length and thickness of his tail (relatively long and thick), concavity of his plastron (males generally have concave plastrons, and females generally have convex ones), and overall size (smaller than the other turtles I’ve had).

What’s Lunchbox’s favorite liquor?

Sorry to disappoint, folks, but unlike some of his cousins, Lunchbox is a teetotaler. As far as I know.

Your question not answered here?

Ask away! Comments section below, email, carrier pigeon–I like talking about Lunchbox and turtles in general, in case that isn’t obvious. But non-turtle questions are also welcome. :)

Look what I found while you silly humans were blathering away.


6 thoughts on “FAQ and not-so-FAQ

  1. When are Lunchbox and his turtle overlords taking over the planet?

    How fast can he fly and is he capable of achieving escape velocity?

    Did I type this question just so I could use the word cloaca?

    How big does he get when he hulks out?

    • When you will be least expecting it!


      YO MAMA.

      One-third the size of the Great A’Tuin.

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