Berry Merry

A plate? What do you think I am, a Homo sapiens?

Summer = lots of fresh berries! ‘Twouldn’t be fair not to share…


Lunchbox likes that blueberries aren’t red, but he doesn’t care much for how they taste after a few bites.

The whole I-have-something-stuck-in-my-mouth-aaahhhh-manic-swimming thing actually happens quite often.


Strawberries are not on Lunchbox’s list of pretty things, but they are just too delicious to avoid.

Silly Lunchbox, you didn’t need to spin around like that. Strawberries can’t move.


3 thoughts on “Berry Merry

  1. Awwww Lunchbox is the sweetest little guy! ;_;

    I was driving down the highway today and saw that our local Lexus dealer has this huuuuuuge statue of a giant tortoise outside their office! I do not know why they have this but when you visit me we are going to go and sit on it and take pictures and then run away screaming as security chases us.

  2. Lies! Strawberries do move. Stop trying to fool the masses. WE know you’re trying to hide the global strawberry conspiracy. :O

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