I came back last night to a slew of (unexpected) packages! By far the absolute best and most amazing was from Samwise!

How excited I was (and still am) about my present from Samwise!
Gif from this video


1. Gloves of awesome:

Evidence of my shoddy Photoshop skills. And my shoddy remembering-where-I-put-my-hand-2-seconds-ago skills.

So pretty!!

I was so excited about these that I was actually dancing around my room and wearing them for quite awhile, despite the decidedly non-wintery temperature in my room. :D


2. Among the many promotional packages were a dozen cookies from S&C. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, and almond butter with jam. Pretty sure this is bordering on bribery…


3. Most bizarrely, someone’s Customer Services (presumably Apple’s?) sent me a $100 Apple Back to School gift card. Completely out of the blue. Two questions: 1) How does Apple know where I live?! (Or, more accurately, which building I live in. They got the number wrong.) 2) Why?! 3) If it wasn’t Apple, then who sent it?!



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