Gryffindor Snowy Owl + Whitman Whale #2

Hagrid’s birthday present for Harry Potter’s 11th birthday, to help Harry start at Hogwarts, was Hedwig. Since Liz is pretty much going to Hogwarts (but presumably without the vanishing staircases and headless ghosts) and her birthday just happened, my going-to-the-land-of-Tolkien-Harry-Potter-and-Jane-Austen/belated birthday present is a snowy owl for company. This owl won’t be delivering any mail, but she also won’t be bringing back dead mice. Plus, she has a nice thick Gryffindor scarf to keep her cozy on those cold winter nights. :)

And for good measure, a Whitmaniac for some Orange Bubble company. :)


Gryffindor Snowy Owl

Whoooo’s there?


· Snowy owl from Easy Crochet Critters
· Scarf is my own pattern: 31 stripes, each of which is two rows of four sc each.
Hook size: G
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in White & Black (owl); Yellow & Red (scarf)
Other materials: 6mm safety eyes

I, uh, kind of went overboard with the photos. There are just so many ways for the owl to wear her scarf, and she looks adorable in all of them! >.<

It annoys me that this owl pattern is exactly the same as the pattern for the penguin, except for the beak. Rather cheap, if you ask me, to bill the book as having ten patterns when two of them are for all purposes the same. But the other eight patterns are all very different (and all very excellent), so I can’t complain too much.

The scarf colors are not the same as the colors used in the movies. The books state that Gryffindor’s colors are scarlet and gold, so the bright red I used should actually be the correct color (as opposed to the maroon used in the movies). I didn’t have any gold yarn though, so I used my bright yellow yarn.

The scarf is quite long:

This photo would be much more effective with a ruler for scale.

The edges are rather uneven from all the color changing; I suppose I could have fixed that by doing a round of edging, but I didn’t have time. The tassels on one end are longer than on the other, and there are different numbers of tassels on the two ends. But I think the scarf still turned out relatively well–although it reminded me of why I’m not a big fan of making scarves…


Whitman Whale #2



· Whale is from Planet June
· Sailor hat is my own pattern, published here (now updated with complete details)
Hook sizes: E (whale); F (hat)
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Light Blue & White
Other materials:

· 8mm black plastic pearl beads
· see previous post for hat materials

I tried out a different whale pattern this time. This pattern is definitely easier (no sewing required) and more rotundly adorable, but I think I still prefer the first pattern I tried. This pattern doesn’t have quite the nice shape that the first one has (for example, the tail on this one bulges a little), and the tail end’s rather small and not as finely shaped:

#2 on the left, #1 on the right.


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