Happy Halloween!

Lunchbox is not at all keen on wearing a costume, so this was the best I could do (and he still peed all over me in protest):

Grumpypants. I protest, you silly human!

Lunchbox is very keen on eating pumpkin, though! (Look at that smile!)




Apples, Gourds, and A Cactus

Bored, SYH, 0, and I went pumpkin picking on Saturday. Except none of us picked any pumpkins. We picked apples instead. (Giant, DELICIOUS apples!)

I got a triplet of funky gourds because I thought Lunchbox might like them (to eat). They’re currently sitting around my room being all decorative because Lunchbox is still working his way through all of his pumpkin bits.

Being decorative.

On our way back, we stopped at D.O. for apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, and other delicious things. (Their pumpkin spice coffee does not taste anything like pumpkins or fall.) I got a ruby ball cactus!

Spiky balls of future independence!

As the very knowledgeable and resourceful 0 discovered, these are actually two types of cacti grafted together. Hopefully their light and nutritional needs are not so drastically different that they kill each other. We couldn’t figure out if either type is edible for tortoises. But we did find out that rambutans are closely related to lychee and have disappointingly soft spines, and cactus pears are the fruit of prickly pear cacti and therefore very edible for tortoises.