All Hallows’ Eve Is Coming

October means Halloween is right around the corner, and nothing says Halloween better than a jack-o’-lantern!

In a fit of nostalgia and anticipation, here’s the pumpkin I carved two years ago. I didn’t manage to get my hands on a pumpkin last year, but I’m hoping I will this year!

Wish I could be…


Patterns: My own. Based on this image of Ariel (awesome gif version), this image of Ursula (the very first image up), and this image of Flounder.

· basic pumpkin carving knife (like the one here–just the knife. I don’t have a scoop. Scoops are silly.)
· the most basic kind of paring knife (like the one here)


At night:

…part of that world

Poor unfortunate souls!

Don’t do it, Ariel!

Not listening to you, Flounder!


In daylight:

My dear, sweet child.


Before carving:


4 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve Is Coming

    • Something like 4 to 5 hours total. According to my camera’s data, Ariel and Ursula took about 3 hours, and Flounder 1.5. (I carved Ariel and Ursula one night, then decided the next day that I had enough space left for Flounder.)

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