Turtle On Deck, Yo Ho!

Unfortunately for Lunchbox, October means fall and cooler temperatures that are ending his forays onto our deck. Lunchbox loves our deck. Seriously, he is so ridiculously happy whenever he’s on it. Old, painted wood planks must be his thing.


Lunchbox learned very quickly that walking over the edge meant a long and painful fall. So instead, he resorted to doing this: (fervent apologies for the bit where I kind of dropped my camera)

…all the way down the side of the deck…


There were some falls, however, that Lunchbox was more than happy to take:

                    Up, up, up!                                                     This what a proud and happy turtle looks like.

I told Lunchbox not to look at me for how to get back down. Amazingly, he blinked at me and closed his eyes…

Ready   .   .   .             set   .   .   .                                             .   .   .   jump!                

Sometimes he faceplants. Not sure which is more painful…



Lunchbox went through a barbeque phase this summer and hung around the grill doing things like this:


But most of the time, Lunchbox was blissfully walking around as king of the deck world:

Pity he was facing the wrong way at 0:21–it is even more adorable when you can see his face! Also adorable: Every now and then, Lunchbox decides to stick his head down one of the nail holes on the deck (like the one at 0:40).


Until next year!



9 thoughts on “Turtle On Deck, Yo Ho!

    • Lunchbox is a pro at righting himself! Which is quite good because it means he’s got strong healthy muscles. No Life Alert pendant needed.

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