What to do when someone likes pumpkins and octopi? Make her an octopumpkin, of course!

Happy fall and happy Halloween, Samwise!

Pattern: My own mash-up of amiguria’s pumpkin and Breezybot’s octopus; I modified both patterns extensively. Design inspired by Chromo Crochet’s octopus pumpkin (also on Ravelry).
Hook sizes: F (pumpkin body, leaves, and stalk); G (tentacles)
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Hot Orange & Hot Green
Other materials: 6mm black plastic pearl beads

The leaves are kind of lopsided. :( I hadn’t quite figured out how I wanted to make the leaves when I made the first leaf, so the first leaf is rather stunted. I didn’t realize it’d be so obvious!

On a more exciting note, there are two kinds of tentacles that alternate. The tips of the two kinds are very slightly different; really not noticeable at all, except for maybe a little bit in the way they curl.

The octopumpkin is not as good as standing up as Samwise’s octopus from last year:

A for effort!

I sent along the spiky green and yellow gourd with the octopumpkin, but I’m afraid they were still a much smaller package than the AMAZING candy-corn themed Halloween package that Samwise sent me last week!

The other gourds wouldn’t fit in the box. :/

My FANTABULOUS Halloween package from Samwise!! Have I mentioned that Samwise is AMAZEBALLS? (And I am told there is in fact one more thing coming in a separate package!)