Christmas Chick

Merry Christmas, Samwise!

(Lunchbox is very glad that I do not have a tiny Santa hat to make him wear.)

(EDIT 1/19: The human did some cleaning and found not one, but two mini Santa hats and a tiny Christmas stocking. Lunchbox is totally getting Santa-fied next Christmas.)


· chick’s body and boots: from Pepika
· chick’s beak and wings: my own patterns, published below
· Santa hat: from Pepika, with my own modifications for the brim
Hook size: E
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Yellow, Hot Orange, Red & White
Other materials:

· 6mm safety eyes
· brush for fluffing!

This was my first time brushing yarn to make it fluffy, and it is so much fun!


That’s right, I’ve got fluffiness on my head.


The hat is folded in place by a length of very sturdily sewn yarn.



I didn’t want to sew the hat on, but it wouldn’t stay on unless I did. Also, still not sure I like the way I ended up positioning the boots…

You got a problem with my boots?

Chick Beak

Chain 5.
Sc 4 in one side of chain stitches. Finish off. Leave a long tail for sewing beak to face.
Working into other side of chain stitches, start a new thread, slip stitch, ch 1, sc in next chain, sc, sc. Finish off. Leave a long tail for sewing beak to face.

Shape beak as desired and sew to face.

Chick Wing

Make two.

Worked in continuous rounds:
Chain 2. Sc 6 in second chain from hook.
Rnd 1             Inc around. (12)
Rnds 2-6       Sc around. (12)
Rnd 7             Dec around. (6)
Finish off. Leave a long tail for sewing wings to chick body.


Chubster all chubbed out and ready for Santafication:

Santafication wouldn’t be complete without…

Cookies for Santa!


All this pales in comparison to my FANTABULOUS presents from Samwise!!



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