Magical Slouchy Beret

Finally finished more than three months after I started it! Stalled for months because I could not believe I was supposed to sew on a brim with a length equal to a quarter of the beret circumference. But sewing on the brim turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Hook size: K
Yarns: Red Heart Boutique Magical in Top Hat

This is by far the largest hook size I have ever used. (Largest I’d used before was H.) Seriously, K is ginormous! I’m lucky I even had one.

The yarn is absolutely gorgeous. There are four different textures: three kinds of black (sparkly, curly, silky) and a varied-thickness colored texture. Very exciting for my first time buying fancy yarn!

So soft, too!

Unfortunately, the yarn has ridiculously uneven coloring (or really, is falsely advertised): I was expecting from the photos on the pattern and Red Heart’s website that the yarn would be striped in black and shades of purple. I thought the ball of yarn I bought was black and purple, but the inside was actually brown and red instead of purple. Figuring out how on earth to color my beret was incredibly frustrating! I may have pulled apart the entire skein and rewound it. And re-crocheted most of the beret a couple of times. And eventually gave up on trying to get purple stripes.

Those are not bright purple stripes.

Neither are those.
(Yes, the beret is hanging on a mirror.)

All in all, this beret is rather a disappointment. The colors are not what I was hoping for, and turns out I don’t look so great in berets (at least not with my current haircut).



8 thoughts on “Magical Slouchy Beret

  1. Get your yarn from a store or something so you can see it in person. :O (Or go look at it in the store and buy it online because it’s cheaper…)

    You can get the yarn even softer by tossing it in a dryer with some bounce or something.

    I use an H hook for everything because i’m lazy and the big hook let’s you get a lot of area done without as much work. Ho ho ho. I’ve seen some tutorials for making extra gigantic hooks by buying wooden dowels and then cutting a notch in them. Crazypants.

    • I do get my yarn from a store. The ball I got was cleverly wound so all the purple bits were on the outside. Very tricksy of them…

      I will have to try the dryer trick one of these days! Although usually I want stiffer yarn for making amis so they keep their shape. And smaller hooks. Extra gigantic hooks made from dowels sounds crazypants indeed. What kinds of things do you make?

      • Exciting! You should wear your hats more often. I think I’ve only ever seen you in a baseball cap.

        By the way, where do you get your yarn online? I always get mine from Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s because they have 50%-off coupons all the time.

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    • It looks really terrible on me right now; I think it will look better after my hair grows out. I also don’t understand how to wear berets. Maybe I could make a green version that’s like a turtle shell??

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