Water Lilies!

My mom bought a bunch of 水仙花 (Chinese sacred lilies, Narcissus tazetta, according to Google) bulbs at the beginning of the month. Two and a half weeks later, I have flowers!

These smell amazing. No wonder they’re called “fragrant water flowers” in Chinese!

I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to photographing flowers. Feel free to mock my (lack of) flower photo skills.


These are super easy to plant. No soil or fertilizer needed, just a bowl of water. Click through the slideshow to see them grow!

The cups in the last photo are to keep the flowers upright. They do so like to keel over and snap their roots off when they hit the floor. The roots haven’t grown longer than they were on Day 5, but they’re surprisingly brittle.


Another time-lapse slideshow: watching the first flowers bloom.

One of the flowers has seven outer petals, instead of six:

Who wants to be normal?

There are more buds growing, so perhaps I will have more seven-petal rebels soon!



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