Pusheen + Mini Cupcake

Happy birthday to Samwise!

Vanilla, as requested!

The original plan was for Pusheen to hold the mini cupcake, but his front legs aren’t long enough.

New plan: cupcake on my head!

Pusheen brought real cupcakes, too. :)




Pattern: 100% me.
Hook size: F

· Loops & Threads Cotton Club in Misty
· Red heart Super Saver (100% acrylic) in Grey heather
Other materials:

· 6mm plastic safety eyes
· a bit of Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn in Black, two strands only (of four) for the mouth and whiskers

This is my first original, asymmetrically shaped pattern! Not much shaping involved, but there is a little bit in the chin and the back.

What chin. I am Pusheen the rotund!

This guy turned out bigger than I had been aiming for, but that just means more roly poly squishiness. He has so much stuffing inside him. So much.

I am so squishy!

The whiskers are bits of yarn with knots that will hopefully keep the whiskers from coming out. Each whisker is separate from the others. I was pleasantly surprised that the yarn was stiff enough to stand out on its own. Hooray for stiff cotton yarns!


I used Planet June‘s Perfect Stripes tutorial for the stripes on Pusheen’s tail. It’s more work than just crocheting in rows, but the stripes come out so much nicer:

Perfect stripes!


Mini Cupcake

With frosting overload, of course.

Pattern: All mine.
Hook size: F

· Caron Wintuk (100% acrylic) in Baby Pink
· Lily Sugar’n Cream in White & Yellow

I got the idea for the cupcake wrapper from the band of my Magical Slouchy Beret. I scrunched the bottom together when sewing it to the base, which is just a simple two-round circle (6 sc in round 1, 12 sc in round 2–I think I crocheted the base in rows).

The yellow cupcake bit is a slightly mounded crochet circle: 6 sc in round 1, 12 sc in round 2, 15 sc in round 3, and 20 sc in round 4. I crocheted it in the round to avoid a seam, but that meant a slightly asymmetrical cupcake.

The frosting is a crochet chain with treble, double, and single crochets going down. The treble crochet part is folded in half. The chain coiled a bit on its own, and I then sewed it to keep the coil stable. Since I fail at time management, I didn’t have time to sew on sprinkles or to make a candle. :(

Eternally nom-ful.


Pusheen says if you come to visit, there will be cupcakes galore!


8 thoughts on “Pusheen + Mini Cupcake

    • Thank you! I do have a pattern, and I’m working on opening an Etsy shop with all my patterns. (You can see all the things I’ve made by going to the Amigurumi page under “Yarns & Threads” in the menu at the top of every page.)

      I’m aiming to have my shop up and running this summer. Come by again then to check it out! I’ll also make sure to let you know via this comment thread–you’ll get an email notification if you check the box near “Post Comment.” If you’d prefer for me to email you directly, let me know.

      Hope to see you around here again!

    • Update: My Etsy shop will be up and running within the next month, and my Pusheen pattern will be the very first pattern for sale there.

    • Hello there! In case you haven’t seen my comment to Krystal below, here’s a quick update on my Pusheen pattern: My pattern and my Etsy shop are both ready to go. Right now, I am just waiting for approval from Pusheen Corp.’s licensing department so that I’m not breaking any laws by selling my pattern. I can’t really do anything to speed up whatever it is the licensing department does, but fingers crossed they give their okay, and my pattern will be up for sale as soon as that happens!

  1. Will you be posting the pattern? I have not seen you on etsy and it’s soooo cute. It’s at the top of my list to try.

    • Yes! I will definitely be posting my pattern on Etsy. Very sorry about the delay–life and a few technical difficulties happened. I have one last minor technical snag to fix, and I will definitely have my Etsy shop and this Pusheen pattern up by the end of November. I promise you won’t have to wait longer than that!

      Thanks very much for checking in with me, and apologies to everyone who’s been waiting for this pattern!

    • Hi, Krystal! I haven’t forgotten my promise to have my Pusheen pattern up by the end of this month. Here’s a quick update: My pattern and my Etsy shop are both ready to go. However, I am still waiting to hear back from Pusheen Corp.’s licensing department–selling my Pusheen pattern without their blessing would be trademark infringement (i.e. illegal), and I’d like to not run afoul of the law. I can’t really do anything to speed up whatever it is the licensing department does, but fingers crossed they give their okay, and my pattern will be up for sale as soon as that happens!

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