Rosy Blooms

$2.99 for half a dozen roses? Yes, please!

That’s totally a vase.

Roses are much more difficult to photograph than my water lilies were. All the petals make it hard to take sharp, good-contrast photos that pop. Plus, it hasn’t been properly sunny here all week, so I had poor lighting to work with. I experimented with using the foliage setting on my camera: It worked beautifully in some shots…
…turned out equally well as the auto setting in some other shots…

…but backfired and excessively saturated in the rest. This is when I wish I had a DSLR!



I intentionally chose a bunch that aren’t fully bloomed yet. I can’t wait to watch them open up!


EDIT 3/4/13: Sunny today, and look how nicely this photo came out with proper lighting and minimal editing! (The roses are opening up!)


EDIT 3/5/13: More buds opening up!


EDIT 3/10/16: Fully bloomed!


EDIT 3/16/13: Starting to wilt. I am pleasantly surprised that these flowers lasted for almost two weeks.

Not the kind of rose meant by “stop and smell the roses.”


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