Daredevil and a Taxi

Remember how last summer, Lunchbox had the sense not to walk over the edge of things high above the ground? He apparently forgot over the winter why that is a bad idea.

I forgot nothing! It was all intentional!

Posing in the sun…but the camera threw a fit.

Now that Lunchbox is waking up, he needs exercise. It’s still too cold for Lunchbox to go out on our deck, so I let him wander around a table. He was well-behaved and sensible at first:

The video is blurry for a bit because Lunchbox’s worried human moved closer to catch him in case he decided to jump. (And now she knows the limits of her camera’s zoom.) But as soon as his human stopped worrying…

Cut from the video: Lunchbox’s human shrieking at the end. Lucky for Lunchbox and thanks to his human’s foresight, a bench broke his fall. Falling all the way onto stone tiles would not have ended well. Even so, Lunchbox still had a nasty fall.


There is indeed a toy taxicab on the table in the first video. Some people bring those home from work. The doors even open, but Lunchbox was not impressed:

I am not getting in that thing.

Why would I take a taxi when I can walk?

Jolly good day for a walk, mate.


3 thoughts on “Daredevil and a Taxi

  1. Aww, I love the way he stops near the edge of the table and extends his neck, like, ‘Hullo what’s all this then?! I HAVE MADE A GREAT DISCOVERY! A CHASM!’

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