Back on Deck!

What’s this over the wall?

Forget the bok choy, there’s a whole deck out there!

It’s real! I am back on the glorious deck!

Lunchbox was so ridiculously excited to be back on our deck! He ran around as fast as he could for almost half an hour nonstop. Then he hung out right at the edge and gave his human multiple heart attacks. Fortunately, he seems to have remembered that jumping off the edge is painful and instead paced along peering over the edge.

NO, I do not want to go back inside! Put me back on the deck, human!

I don’t want grass, I want the deck!


Given how much Lunchbox loves our deck, I thought Lunchbox would like our new floors. Nope.

Not. Impressed. At. All.

I’m bored. What else you got for me, human?

I guess it’s got to be real wood to make Lunchbox happy. Good thing it’s warm enough for deck outings.

I love this weather!


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