Say hello to…

Shello! I still need a name. Do you have any suggestions?

…his adorableness the Russian tortoise hatchling!

Three weeks old, 25.6 grams, and $175 (plus $50 shipping).
Not pictured: squealing, overexcited human.

Poor Lunchbox didn’t know quite what to make of the new guy.

Little fella was excited about his new enclosure:

What’s that down below?

Struttin’ along!

Hey! Why’d you take me out?! I don’t need a bath!

Yes, I know I have dirt on my face. It’s very nice dirt.

Getting shipped across three time zones, meeting a 10-year-old turtle, romping around a new enclosure, and getting a bath is a lot for a 3-week-old tortoise…


Merrr? What just happened?

A light!

It’s so warm and bright all of a sudden!

The setup: 10-gal Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote; Zoo Med PowerSun 100W bulb, deep dome lamp, and lamp stand; 50/50 mix coconut coir and play sand; temporary cardboard hide, irresponsible splurge of a water dish, and a half-log hide.

A corner?! Out of my way! I strike a pose at you, pesky corner!

I guess striking a pose didn’t work.

Russian tortoises love to climb, and they’re never too young to start:

Aha! Look at the “stalk” of this water dish!

I accept the climbing challenge!

Well, yes, I could walk around the water dish. But where’s the fun in that?

Look at me! All four feet off the ground!



No one can accuse this guy of lacking determination!

He was still trying half an hour later, so…


All that climbing works up an appetite:

Red-leaf lettuce and escarole–yum!

He never did notice that last bit of escarole stuck to his mouth.

Climbing challenge conquered (kind of), noms all devoured…next on the agenda is a Russian tortoise’s other favorite activity: digging!

Tortie butt!

Oops, I meant to go further down. Back to d—zzz…


For those wondering how one gets a tortoise in the mail…

The box! With a breathing hole! Shipped Fed Ex priority overnight and delivered by an immensely amused Fed Ex man.


Reptile bag safe and snug inside!

There he is inside the bag!

Somewhat confused, but bright-eyed and alert right out of the box!


Just how little is this little guy? Funny you should ask…

Just about 2 inches long…

…or the size of Andrew Jackson’s head.


Being the size of Andrew Jackson’s head is pretty tiring.

All tuckered out. Goodnight!



10 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. /o\

    If it falls over onto its back, can it right itself or do you have to step in?? What’s the box inside the enclosure on the left?

    PICNIC BASKET *swings hypnotic pendulum*

    • He succeeded in righting himself the one time I saw him fall over onto his back, but I think that was because he was wedged near the wall. He’s not supposed to be able to right himself normally, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. He can get dehydrated quickly if he’s stuck on his back.

      The box on the left is a temporary cardboard hide. He doesn’t seem to like stepping on the cardboard, so I’m cutting out the bottom.

      Nooo, I am not naming him Picnic Basket!!!

    • YouTube insists that there’s a copyright violation in the video of him eating. I am disputing it! Seriously, YouTube, IT’S A BABY TORTOISE CHOMPING LETTUCE.

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