Dirt and Water

Silly baby tortoise keeps getting dirt all over his face because he keeps sticking his head in the ground. His legs are covered with dirt, too. Rubbing his face with them just makes it worse!

A nice warm soak cleaned him off nicely. Mr. Curious was more interested in what was outside his tub:

These walls aren’t very tall…

…I can see over them when I’m on my tippy-toes!

If I can see there, I gotta go there!

Oof, these walls are higher than they seemed.

Let’s try the other corner.

Up! Up! Up!

Almost there!

So close!

Argh, my back legs can’t reach the bottom for that one last push!

It’s so close…


Disappointment fixed with noms…

I love romaine!

…and bedtime.



5 thoughts on “Dirt and Water


    what a cutie. ;_; I am still having trouble believing it is a REAL CREATURE and not an adorable cartoon.

    • Haha, I had the same thought when I first took him out of the Fed Ex box. But he seems a lot more real when he’s covered in dirt and chomping away on lettuce. :)

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