Since Lunchbox and Kirby have now completely taken over this blog and I still have (literally!) hundreds more photos of them, I am starting a Tumblr companion to this blog! Head on over to thewhimsyturtle.tumblr.com for adorable photo spam of Lunchbox and Kirby!

I have a big enough backlog of photos right now that I plan to post at least one new photo a day on Tumblr. Photos and stories of Lunchbox and Kirby’s Big Life Events will still be posted on this blog. I’ll post announcements on Tumblr of any new posts here (tortle-related* or not). New Tumblr posts will obviously not be announced here, but I’ve added a tumblrfeed to the right sidebar of this blog.

See you on Tumblr!

Click here for more adorable photos of us like these!

* Saying and typing “turtles and tortoises” is a mouthful. So from now on, per this comment, turtles and tortoises collectively will be called tortles!