First Car Ride

Kirby’s first car ride was quite the adventure.

Baby tortoise carrier! Complete with makeshift blanket and a snack.
(Poor photo quality due to poor phone camera.)

Kirby didn’t like being in his new carrier in the car:

I’m scared!

He was much happier taking a nap in my hood:


After a nice long nap, Kirby woke up and emptied his bladder into my hood.

All rested and refreshed!

It’s adventuring time!

No way I’m going back into the hood where I peed!

Hmm…where to first?

I made it to Mommy’s other shoulder!

Kirby had a lot of fun romping everywhere he could:

Can I fit here?

Coming through!

I made it out the other end!

Now I’m just going to climb everywhere I can.

Eventually he fell asleep in one of my pockets, climbed out after a short nap, and fell asleep again in the crook of my arm. Climbing over a human is very tiring.

I’m so tired I didn’t even eat my new lettuce. Blankets are excellent places to sleep in.



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