Happy I ♥ Yarn Day!

“I’m on a skein of yarn!”

“I wonder if that heart is nom-able?”

“I wonder what’s off this end of the yarn?”

Not shown: Kirby fell off the back of the yarn onto his back. Rescue by human was successful.

“Oof! Back on the cushy yarn again!”


“Would you like some of this pretty green yarn?”


2 thoughts on “Happy I ♥ Yarn Day!

  1. ahahaha AWWWWWW LOOK AT THOSE TWO (also yay yarn heart. I like!) I’m amused that Lunchbox is just the tiniest bigger than Kirby. Cuties! <3

    • Haha, I don’t understand why Lunchbox is so terrified of Kirby. Hopefully that will change in the future! Kirby does so much want to be friends. I tried putting Lunchbox in the heart, but that was too close to Kirby for his liking.

      You reminded me that I should weigh Kirby to see if he’s grown!

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