First Time on the Train and Subway

Kirby rode not just one, but two trains for the first time last weekend! He got very upset in his carrier (possibly because it was stuffed in my backpack so that I had hands for my suitcase), so I let him out on the train.

I don’t know, Mom, this bumpy thing we’re on seems kind of scary.

Are there noms? You did bring along noms for me, didn’t you?

This metal windowsill is cold!

Just the right size for me, though.

Why are there no noms, Mommy?

Fortunately for hungry little Kirby, I brought along a big crisp piece of radicchio for him.

I shall conquer you, nomalicious radicchio!

Once Kirby had polished off his snack, next on his agenda was a nap in the crook of my elbow:

I love Mom’s Princeton fleece! It’s so soft and cuddly!

I attempted to take a nap, too, but just as I was dozing off, Kirby woke up and commenced another favorite activity: Operation Climb Mom’s Arm.

I made it up to Mommy’s shoulder!

One of my favorite places to chill.

Well, hello, black thing Mommy keeps pointing at me!

Kirby was suddenly very interested in what was outside the window when we started pulling into our first destination.

It’s all black outside!
Hey…I can see another tortoise in the window!

Kirby went back into his carrier while we took the subway. I attempted to put him back in my backpack, but Kirby threw a fit! He started climbing like a maniac and kept flipping onto his back. I finally took him out of my backpack, and he calmed down. He stuck his head out of the side of his carrier as far as he could and watched everywhere we went. He also got to say hello to quite a few delighted people on the subway.

Kirby was much more a fan of the second train we took. He even walked on the windowsill all the way to the seat in back of us. A very amused young man couldn’t tell at first what was walking towards him. Kirby said hello and let the young man pat him on the head before turning around and coming back to Mommy. The young man told Kirby he was adorable and told me he had just gotten a king snake.

These windowsills are much nicer. Not cold like the last ones.

Then Kirby climbed onto my shoulder again…and into my hair! I had to get help pulling him out of my hair when I got off the train. No pictures, but it was quite the unique head scratch and a good story when we got home.


2 thoughts on “First Time on the Train and Subway

    • Adorable baby tortoise definitely makes train rides much more fun! :)

      I don’t understand why Kirby likes running around my shoulders/neck so much, or why he suddenly became interested in my hair when I had it tied back in a braid. He never showed any interest in my hair before when I had it loose.

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