Happy Halloween!

Baby tortoise pumpkin!

Just me this year because Lunchbox doesn’t like costumes, and logistical reasons prevented Mommy from giving Lunchbox a Halloween photoshoot.

When I’m sitting on this basket, it’s like I complete the jack-o’-lantern!

Hmm, but people can’t fill my basket if I’m sitting on it…

Pattern: My own, published below. Inspired by amigurimia’s pumpkin pattern, which I tried out last year.
Hook size:

· Steel 2.00 mm (?) for stem and leaves
· D-3 (3.25 mm) for pumpkin top

· Bedspread weight cotton thread Size 10 in Mint Green (stem and leaves)
· Lily Sugar’n Cream in Hot Orange (pumpkin top)

I made the pumpkin top more complicated than a simple cap because I wanted sections, like in a real pumpkin. If you look carefully, the bottom edge of the pumpkin top has eight scalloped sections, and there are faint ridges going up the pumpkin sides that split the pumpkin into eight sections. I’m quite pleased with how that turned out, although I wish it were just a bit rounder.

I tried making a stretchy band to keep Kirby’s pumpkin top on more securely, but Kirby is too small for an under-the-belly band. A crocheted band would be so thick for him that he’d have to walk on all his tippy-toes! In any case, the pumpkin top stayed on well enough, as long as he didn’t bump into anything.

What?! This isn’t filled to overflowing?!

Mommy, what’s going on?

Any noms coming on the horizon?

Maybe this basket will be full of treats after I wake up from my nap…

Kirby’s Pumpkin Costume

Stem and leaves
Identical pattern to amigurimia’s, but with size 10 crochet thread instead of yarn. Leave a long tail for sewing the stem and leaves to the pumpkin top.

Pumpkin top
Worked in continuous rounds:
Chain 2. Sc 8 in second chain from hook.
Rnd 1             Inc around. (16)
Rnd 2             *2 hdc in next st, hdc 1, sl st in same st* around. (32)
Rnd 3             *Sc 1, dec 1, sl st* around. (24)
Rnd 4             *Sc 2, sl st* around. (24)
Rnd 5             *Sc 2, sl st, sc 1, inc, sl st* around. (28)
Rnd 6             Sc 1, inc, sl st, sc 2, sl st, sc 1, inc, sl st. (12, i.e. only 3/8 of a round)
Finish off.

Sew stem and leaves to center of pumpkin top. Put on baby tortoise and squeal!


I sure hope Kirby never gets big enough to wear this headband from Samwise on his head!



I can’t wait to make more costumes next year!


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!



    This made my day.

    OMG :D :D :D

    • Hehe! ^^ Kirby is even more adorable in his costume than I had imagined!!

      The pumpkin part went through a couple of unsuccessful versions, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish Kirby’s costume in time and didn’t want to say anything at first! I was hoping to make Lunchbox one, too (it would be really easy at this point to modify the pattern to fit Lunchbox), but life had to interfere with those plans. :(

      Kirby seems to be much less opposed to wearing a costume than Lunchbox. I foresee many baby tortoise costumes in Kirby’s future! :D

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