Oddball Mummy

A Halloween friend for Samwise! Late and going to be even more late because goodness gracious did the postal service FAIL at delivering it—on time or at all! D:

What are mummies supposed to say? o.O

So nice to be crocheting again!

Pattern: from Lion Brand Yarns, with an extra 5 sc to the wrapping around the mummy’s head
Hook size: G-6 (4 mm)

· Lily Sugar’n Cream in Soft Ecru
· Red heart Super Saver (100% acrylic) in Grey Heather
Other materials: 6mm safety eyes

This was a very easy pattern. It’s nice to have someone else’s easy pattern to follow every now and then! The hardest part was positioning the wrapping on the mummy’s head. It was surprisingly hard to wrap the head in an aesthetically nice way. I attempted several different looks before settling on this one.

I intentionally made this mummy an oddball, with uneven eyes and asymmetrically positioned legs. Quite the departure from my usual OCD with making my amis perfectly symmetric. :)

Who says only symmetry is beauty?

Before assembly:

All set for stitching and wrapping!


I seem to have picked up a baby tortoise in my trick-or-treating…

Gah! Baby tortoise is eating all my treats!


2 thoughts on “Oddball Mummy

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    THANK YOU!!!! ahhhhhh!!! The wrappings are perfect! And it’s a MUMMY. I LOVE IT. SQUEE. I AM WRITING IT A BRIEF HISTORY. It is the mummy of a lesser nome’s daughter and she died young unfortunately, BUT! she avoided being turned into mummy powder and wound up in a museum in New Haven! and at night she toddles around looking ADORABLE ahhhh

    • Aww, that is an adorable history! :) I am glad you like it! I’m sorry it didn’t make it up to you on time and is going to be even more late now! :( *shakes fist at the RIDICULOUS postal service*

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