Fall Photoshoot

Kirby doesn’t have a favorite season because he’s only seen part of summer and half of fall so far. But I love fall! To celebrate, I gave Kirby a whole photoshoot on my homemade fall wreath (You can see the entire wreath here.)

This wreath is so much fun to clamber around on!

I am bigger than the mini pinecones, ha!

Such pretty colors!

Kirby was delighted at how many exciting nooks and crannies there were for him to explore. It was like the baby tortoise version of a magical world filled with caves and colorful mini mountains!

So much to explore!

What’s behind this squash?

A pinecone that is bigger than me!

Look at me! I made it to the top of the squash!

Victory pose on the summit.

Kirby’s favorite part of my wreath was the red side:


Look at this big orange flower I found! It’s ginormous!

What’s over there?

I could hang out here all day!

Kirby got a little lost when he first made it to the red side of the wreath…

I’m stuck!

He looked so surprised when I helped him out!


So many leaves!

In full (shaky) video glory…

I think someone will be quite excited to play in the fall leaves again next year. :)

I am a champion explorer of fall-leaf playgrounds!


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