This Cake Is Not a Lie

I don’t believe you, human. The cake is a lie!

All right, it does LOOK real…

If the cake is not a lie, then I can run into it, right?

At least, the cake was not a lie for me. Lunchbox and Kirby, on the other hand, were not allowed any cake, although Kirby tried so very hard to get a bite!



Not shown in the last photo: Kirby is being forcibly restrained from eating cake.


4 thoughts on “This Cake Is Not a Lie

  1. Noo…the cake…so beautiful… ;____; I want some. Merry Happy Birthdaysmus! I am always belated on the former.

    Kirby is leaning forward so hard trying to get a bite. I know that feel, Kirby.

    • <3 Kirby was kicking me so hard trying to get at the cake! Maybe when he is bigger, I will let him have a bite or two of cake. He's so small right now that I worry even one bite would be bad for him!

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