Christmas Penguin

Merry Christmas, Samwise!

Christmas cheer to all!

I’ve made a penguin ami for Samwise before, but I saw so many penguin-themed holiday trinkets this year that I couldn’t resist sending Samwise a penguin-themed Christmas package. This penguin has a different look from my usual amis–hopefully Samwise still likes it and doesn’t mind another penguin!

I am about as chubby as I can get!

Pattern: My own.
Hook size: F

· Penguin: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Black, White, & Country Yellow
· Hat: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Red, Dark Pine, & White
Other materials: 9mm safety eyes

I am chubby…

…but I also have a pointy beak!

*hic* Oh dear…

…I think I *hic* had a little *hic* too much bubbly…

This is my first time making something with a pompom! Quick, easy, and so much fun!

It’s so fluffeh!

It’s a bit thick and square, but super fluffy!


Of course, I couldn’t send this penguin off without tortie kisses for Samwise!

Holding feet with the penguin to send good vibes!

Er, someone may have fallen asleep while sending good vibes…

Sending tortie hugs to Samwise!

With a matching mug for Samwise!

In-progress photos:

Body, wings, beak, and feet.

So round!


Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Penguin

  1. THANK YOU :D :D :D

    I shrieked when I pulled this out of the box after the socks. IT IS. SO. ROUND!!! And the comparison photos with Kirby make it 135 percent more adorable, oh my gosh. I can’t believe my tiny roly poly penguin is actually larger than your tiny roly poly tortoise!

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