Happy New Year!

Lunchbox and Kirby got homemade top hats to celebrate! Lunchbox predictably refused to wear his, but Kirby didn’t protest at all.

“Lunchbox, I got a fancy glass of water just for you!”

“Lunchbox ran away…I guess I’ll drink this fancy water myself–unless you’d care to join me?”

I made the top hats using Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3 in Black and the smallest crochet hook I have (size unknown because it’s old). Lunchbox’s is slightly shorter and more bowler-like. Each hat has a circumference of 6 sc and a brim of 9 sc. Lunchbox’s hat is 2 sc tall; Kirby’s is 1 sc + 1 hdc.

Oops, my top hat got turned around backwards…

…and now it’s sideways?

Don’t I look dashingly dapper?

Backwards top hat = gangster spiffy?

A well-dressed baby tortoise looks both dapper and adorable.

The lights look even prettier from up here!


Kirby got excited about the Christmas lights I used for the photoshoot. He decided they made a great bed.

Getting sleeeeeepy…

This is when I really wish we had double-sided tape…

But you would never be able to get double-sided tape off my head!

On second thought, maybe not.

These lights are quite comfy.





I am so excited that I finally caught Kirby mid-yawn!!

If you’re wondering how big the tortle top hats are…

So tiny!

For the photography geeks, here’s the setup I used:

I finally caved and bought foam boards.
A window is just out of the frame on the left. Photos were of course taken before the sun started shining directly through the window.

The last set of photos, with Kirby falling asleep on the lights, was taken behind the board on the right. Kirby crawled over to the tangle of lights just visible on the right of this photo; happily, there were enough lights there for good photos.


Happy New Year! May you have lots of lovely naps this year!



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