Fluffy Baby Booties

Booties for Baby A!

Pattern: Red Heart Yarn’s Warm & Fluffy Booties
Hook size: L-11 (8 mm)
Yarns: Red Heart Buttercup in White Coral

I am so excited I finally got to use this yarn! I got it on clearance a couple years ago. I thought it was on clearance because it was being discontinued; turns out it was just because the tag was missing. No tangles, just a ball of yarn without a tag. Even so, it was pretty easy to figure out which yarn it is. Talk about a great bargain!

The hook set I’ve been using all these years only goes up to K, so I had to go out and buy an L-hook just for these booties. By far the largest size hook I have ever used!

I still can’t get over how incredibly SOFT and FLUFFY this yarn is!!

Someone got excited about how cuddly these booties look and desperately wanted to snuggle up with them…

What’d you wake me up for, Mommy?

Ooo, what are these?

They look so comfy!

Why can’t I crawl inside one? What do you mean I’m not allowed to touch them?!

Little Kirby was not allowed to touch the booties at all. Just in case baby A is allergic to anything or something like that. If Kirby turns out to be a girl, I will use the leftover half of the yarn to make Kirby a super soft and fluffy blanket!



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