Mini Pom-Pom Hats

Warm and extra adorable tortles!

These clever no-stitching-required hats are slightly small for the troublemaking tortles. Good thing I didn’t wait longer to make them!

Warning: Be prepared for a ridiculous number of hat-wearing tortle photos after the hat-making photos.

The Hats

Yarns: 18 to 19 yds each of Lily Sugar’n Cream Twists in Denim Twists & Natural Twists
Other materials: toilet paper roll

These hats were super easy to make, but not as quick as I had thought they would be. Cutting the toilet paper roll, cutting the yarn pieces, and tying the yarn onto the roll were easy. But trimming the yarn to create the pom-pom took a while. I had forgotten how much trimming is needed for a nice round, fluffy pom-pom!

These pom-poms could actually use some more trimming–still more oblong than round!

I used a fine-tooth comb to tease apart the plies of yarn for a fluffier pom-pom. The peachy pom-pom has all of the yarn teased apart; the blue one has only half teased apart. Next time, I’m going to stick with teasing apart only half the yarn; the peachy pom-pom is too frazzled for me. The pom-poms don’t quite go 360 degrees because I physically could not tie them any tighter. One hundred strands of yarn (literally!) is a lot!

I used 50 pieces of yarn for each hat. For the blue and white hat, I cut each piece of yarn to about 14 inches, per the goodknits instructions. But since a really big pom-pom requires much more yarn than these hats can comfortably use, I found 14 inches to be excessive and rather wasteful. So for the second hat, I cut each piece of yarn to about 13 inches, which was more than adequate. In fact, 12 to 12.5 inches would probably be enough. In any case, each hat needs about 18 yards of yarn.

All ready to be tied and cut into pom-poms.

I chose to keep the knots visible at the bottom of the hat brims. Rolling them inside the hat would be more realistic, but I like the nice edge the knots create.


Hatted Tortles!

Despite what Kirby thinks, it is still very cold and wintery outside. What better way to stay warm than to dress tortles in fluffy pom-pom hats?

“I like the color of this hat. Very nicely not-red.”

“These don’t smell like noms.”

So that’s what this is: a hat for my shell! How do I look?

Who is this hat for?

“A bit precarious, but I’ll take it, human.”

“Oops! There goes my hat!”
“Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling?”

“Hooray, it’s Lunchbox! Hi, Lunchbox!!”
“OH NO.”

“I missed you, Lunchbox!”

“Your hat is so pretty, Lunchbox!”
“Yes yes, stay there. Good good, I can live with you not coming any closer than that.”

“Lunchbox, your shell!”
“…what about it?”

“Lunchbox, your shell is such a nice shade of green. Like kale!”
“I don’t like where this is going…”

“Lunchbox, is your shell nom-able?”

“Where are you going, Lunchbox?? Come back!”


“Thank goodness, that terror got distracted.”

Tortie butt!

“Phew, no hungry baby tortoise on this side!”

“I think I rather like this hat, human!”


5 thoughts on “Mini Pom-Pom Hats

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the yarn you used. (Is it the same you used to make the baby slippers?) It looks so soft and…gentle? CAN COLORS BE GENTLE? Can *yarn* be gentle??

    You are so right–Lunchbox has definitely gotten chubbier. SO CUTE. Please feed him more. ;_;

    • It is actually the same 100% cotton yarn that I use for most of my plushies! I got these two skeins on clearance years ago because I liked the colors and figured that they’d be great for adding subtle patterns. But I’ve only made plushies, and plushies are rarely not in solid colors.

      Colors and yarn can definitely be gentle! Nice soft colors like these are definitely gentle! This yarn, not so gentle because cotton is relatively stiff, but combing and fluffing the pom-poms have definitely made the pom-poms super soft and gentle! :)

      Haha, it is cute but kind of alarming when he pulls his head in all the way and his neck spills over and puffs out so much that I can barely see his nose! Lunchbox is so grumpy about his new diet. He would like to request you as his new human. :P

    • Aww, thank you!! Lunchbox says to tell Zoya that cute poses, incessant begging, and big desperate eyes work really well for manipulating humans for more noms. Also following the human around. Lunchbox also says the Turtpocalypse should include making tortle diets forbidden.

      Maybe it’s a good thing Lunchbox and Kirby don’t get along. Having two conspiring tortles on my hands at the same time sounds like TROUBLE in all caps!

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