R.I.P. Lunchbox

Lunchbox passed away yesterday.

Peacefully, in his sleep. I don’t know exactly what happened. Most likely, whatever was stunting his growth and giving him gout finally caught up to him.

I really thought that Lunchbox was doing much better this year. He did develop gout last summer, but his vet and I got it under control by restricting his diet to solely ReptoMin pellets, with the occasional snack of romaine lettuce. Best of all, Lunchbox was growing a bit faster (although still much slower than a normal rate), and he was finally doing better with deeper water. He was doing so well that I was planning to get him a great big tank this summer.

Lunchbox, it was a wonderful 10.5 years. I wish we could have had another 10.5. I miss your happy little face already. I hope you are swimming in a giant pond somewhere with rocks to sun on, a big old deck to run around on, nothing red in sight, and endless noms and sunlight.


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Lunchbox

  1. Oh no. I just found, watched and comment w d on Lunchbox’s 10.5 birthday!

    What an adorable creature. My condolences.


    • Thank you for your condolences, friend. Lunchbox was an adorable little guy. Sometimes I still reflexively look to where his tank used to be, but I am glad he is not suffering from his gout anymore. <3

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