Happy World Turtle Day!

Tortle tower! Inspired by Lunchbox’s tortle tower for World Turtle Day last year.

I’m on a tower!

This tower is much taller than Lunchbox!

Tortle tower photos galore! →


R.I.P. Fiere

Fiere hasn’t been feeling so great recently. He hung in there for two months, but he couldn’t make it past this weekend. He was a hardy little guy: Once, on his way to meet me, he even survived for several hours in less than an inch of water! (I fixed that ASAP.)

Baby Fiere right after we met!

Very happy to finally have enough water to actually move around in.

Over the last couple of years, Fiere grew from a tiny, spiky fellow into a friendly, inquisitive fireball who loved company. It was wonderful to see how excited he got whenever I said hello or came back home.

It was a good 2+ years, little buddy. Rest in peace. <3