Happy World Turtle Day!

Tortle tower! Inspired by Lunchbox’s tortle tower for World Turtle Day last year.

I’m on a tower!

This tower is much taller than Lunchbox!

Lunchbox was right, the top of the tortle tower has such nice views!

Bwuh, camera in my face again?!

Lunchbox may sit still when he’s the crown of a tortle tower, but I certainly don’t!

I spy a giant tortoise at the bottom of the tortle tower!

How do I get down to say hello to Mr. Giant Tortoise?

Can I get down over here?

Well, at least now I can say hello to Mr. Giant Tortoise!

My, what big strong legs you have, Mr. Giant Tortoise!

Big strong back legs, too!

How do I get back to the top of the tortle tower?

I don’t see a ladder anywhere, Mommy.

All right, climbing time!

Oof! Mr. Giant Tortoise, you are hard to climb!

Mommy, could you ask friend sea turtle to come down instead?

Hooray! Friend sea turtle is going to come down here!

Hi, friend sea turtle!

Friend sea turtle’s head is just the right height for a chin rest!

Happy World Turtle Day, friends!


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