Congradulations to all of this year’s graduates!

Kirby’s advice for success to all graduates: Nom your diploma! Especially if it is tied with red string.

What is this beautiful red thing?!

All red things are meant to be nommed!

Mmm…I can taste the delicious redness already!

Do I see something yellow, too?!



So delicious!

I happened to have a gift bag with a paper cut-out of a graduate attached. Perfect for a photoshoot with Kirby!

Hello, fellow graduate! What did you just get a degree in?

I can demonstrate my degree to you!

Behold my prowess in nom-ology!

Kirby’s graduation cap took me about half an hour to make. I made it using Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3 in Black and the smallest crochet hook I have (size unknown). The mortarboard is a square made by repeating *dc, 2 sc* four times. The “hat” part of the cap is a simple circle of 6 sc sewed onto the bottom of the mortarboard. The tassel is a short length of yellow embroidery thread (DMC 973, Bright Canary). I used a little bit of fabric glue to keep the ends of the tassel and cap hidden inside the “hat” part.

Kirby wouldn’t stop trying to eat the red string on his diploma (actually one ply of my Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in Red). I am quite sure that eating yarn is not on the list of healthy activities for tortoises, so I had to take Kirby’s diploma away from him. Kirby then kept trying to eat his yellow tassel whenever he saw it from the corner of his eye.

I see something yellow!

Come to me, yellow thing! I want to nom you!

I don’t understand. I love nomming yellow things. Why won’t this yellow thing let me nom it?!

Like any proud parent, I took lots and lots of pictures of my little graduate. Enjoy! :)

Why won’t you let me nom any of my graduation stuff?

No graduation feast prepared, either?

I am starting on a quest for noms!

With adorable poses along the way, of course.

Aren’t I the handsomest graduate you have ever seen?

Also the saddest because no one is feeding me.

My degree in nom-ology means I will never stop hunting for noms!

Well, except for a short nap now and then.

Is this camera nom-able?

I don’t care if I just ate ten minutes ago! I am ALWAYS hungry!

Can I get fancy flowing graduation robes next time?

This tassel tends to block my view on the right.

But the tassel is crucial to my dashing outfit!

A tortoise with a degree in nom-ology never gives up on the hunt for noms!
Maybe a nice nap first though?



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