A squishy mushroom as a belated birthday present for the edible mushroom-growing 0!

A mushroom without spots is still a mushroom.

Pattern: 100% mine!
Hook size: F
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Red & White

I was aiming for as realistic of a mushroom as possible. My biggest inspiration was Cult of Crochet‘s lovely one-piece toadstools (for sale on Ravelry here). I did not purchase Cult of Crochet’s pattern (now Vampire Weasel), nor have I seen any part of her pattern, so any similarities between my pattern and hers are entirely coincidental.

I started out trying to make some sort of cross between Cult of Crochet’s mushrooms and CAROcreated‘s gorgeously realistic toadstool. Then 0 told me she prefers her mushrooms round instead of pointed. Oops. I had already made the top half of my mushroom cap, with the rounded pointy top flaring out. Rather than waste all the work I spent in getting a nice flared shape, I changed course to make a mushroom more like this picture instead.

I am not round. I am pointy. But the bottom half of my cap is round.

The hardest part was figuring out how to make the gills on the underside of the mushroom cap. I couldn’t figure out how to make gills like the ones on Cult of Crochet’s lovely mushrooms without having to redo my whole mushroom cap. (It looks to me like Cult of Crochet worked her mushroom caps in vertical strips, not horizontally as a spiral, like mine.) After lots of different stitch attempts, I finally came up with these gills. I am extremely pleased with how they turned out! They radiate out from the stalk, stick out from the underside of the cap like real mushroom gills, and are clearly visible.

Gills, gills, gills!
Can you see my gills?
Can you see my terrific gills?

Do you see my awesomemo’ gills?
If you did then maybe we could chill

0 was thoroughly nonplussed when I asked her if she likes her mushrooms with or without spots. Possibly because I did not tell her why I kept asking her weird questions about mushrooms out of the blue, because I was trying to keep her present as a surprise. I like the mushroom better with spots, so I made three spots but didn’t attach them, to let 0 decide what she’d like.

Of course, before the mushroom could be declared fit to gift, someone tested the mushroom for balance and nom-ability.

No magnets needed for this mushroom to stand up! It stands very well on its own.

What happens if I push it?

Oof, that didn’t hurt at all! Squishy-ness test passed!

I deem this mushroom ready for gifting!

Shroomy shroom shroom!
I swear I have never had shrooms. Not that kind.
The acceptable kind, however. ALL THE TIME.


5 thoughts on “Mushroom

  1. Is it weird that my favorite part of the mushroom is where the base meets the cap? GILLS!!! Okay, I also like the spots. It is very pretty (and mushroomy). And I still can’t get over how SMALL AND ROLY POLY Kirby is. AHHHHH.

    • Hehe, the gills are my favorite part, too! It took a LOT of work to figure out a way to make them stand out nicely. So happy they turned out so well!

      I think Kirby is actually getting MORE roly poly.

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