Kirby arrived on my doorstep exactly one year ago today!!

Oh boy, my first ever birthday party!

Where’s my cake?

You did get me a cake, right?

I don’t see my cake over there.

No cake over there, either…


Not as pretty as Lunchbox’s cake last year, but just as big! From top to bottom: layers of strawberry, radicchio, carrot, red-leaf lettuce, apple, dandelion greens, carrot, kale, and strawberry, all on a “plate” of radicchio!

Can I eat it all in one bite???



It wasn’t me! The candle is the one who toppled the cake!

Sweet strawberry, into my tummy!

Radicchio, my favorite!!

So tasty!

Mmph, radicchio spilling out of my mouth! I forgot to swallow!

Come back here, little radicchio crumb!


No radicchio can escape my speedy bite!

Table manners? Who cares about table manners when I have a cake with radicchio and as big as me?!


Or, Google Auto Awesome style:

Where’s my cake?!


Kirby got presents, too! I brought back baby tortoise-sized souvenirs from my trip to Europe. First up: Kirby’s first ever book!

Is this book nom-able?

Kirby was still upset that I didn’t let him eat all of the strawberry in his cake (sugar is bad for him). He was excited about the shiny little book for all of two seconds before he got distracted by the candle…

RED! Red things are the most delicious!

Look at all that beautiful red!



Candles are super tasty!

Apparently Kirby has a taste for candle wax because he wouldn’t stop eating his candle! He managed to eat three chunks before I took it away from him. No matter how tasty Kirby might think candle wax is, it can’t be good for him. Silly Kirby!

With the tasty candle gone, Kirby once again got excited about how shiny his first present was:

Look how shiny this book is!

No need for me to read this book to Kirby–like any kid’s first book, it’s a picture book!

So many pretty pictures!

Maybe I will get to visit Berlin some day!

I have a second souvenir present for Kirby, but he was already going into a food coma from his giant cake:

Can I get my second present later? Where’s my bed?

Birthday cake coma is the best kind of food coma.



3 thoughts on “One!

  1. I love love love Kirby. I really love the way you’re taking such good care of this little sweetheart. Don’t you love their little pink tongues???? Keep the pics coming, please!!

    • Aww, thank you for the love, friend! We have lots of fun taking our photos, and we are happy they make you happy, too! :) Tiny tortie tongues are the best–part of the reason I can’t resist taking photos whenever he tries to nom things!

      If you’d like to see more photos of Kirby, we post daily photos over on our Tumblr: We’ll also keep posting photos of Kirby’s big life events here on WordPress.

      Shell hugs!
      whimsy & Kirby

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