Happy I ♥ Yarn Day!

One of the many reasons to love yarn: Yarn makes for a very comfy, squishy bed for a baby tortoise!

A ball of yarn is like a squishy throne!

I am surrounded by hearts? How could I not be when I am this cute?

This ball of yarn may be 2/3 gone, but it’s just the right size for a nap!

Green yarn is also clearly a potential nom…

All green things are noms, right? Especially if I close my eyes?

Yarn tastes awful! I’ll just take a nap here while you go get me some real noms.

A yarn heart just for you, friends!

Dreaming of all the squishy things Mommy will make from this pretty green yarn!

May your day be filled with yarny goodness! :)

P.S. To all our yarn-loving friends: I foresee several crochet project posts in the next several weeks!


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