Halloween Teru Teru Bōzu

A happy, squishy Halloween friend for Samwise!

Happy Halloween, friends!

Making Halloween friends for Samwise is becoming a bit of a tradition! The very first Halloween friend I made for Samwise was also a happy ghost. This Halloween teru teru bōzu is meant to be more of a year-round friend. According to Wikipedia, teru teru bōzu “(literally ‘shine shine monk’) is a little traditional handmade doll made of white paper or cloth” hung by Japanese farmers outside of their windows as amulets to bring good weather. Good weather certainly should not be exclusive to Halloween! Plus, orange and black don’t have to be just for Halloween, after all. ;)

Bringer of good forecasts to all areas of life!

Pattern: from Happie Scrappie
Hook size: F-5 (3.75 mm)
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in White, Hot Orange & Black
Other materials:

· 9 mm black safety eyes
· Aleene’s Super Fabric Platinum Bond fabric glue for gluing on the happy smile

I attempted to follow Happie Scrappie’s directions for making the bottom edge ruffled, but my edges turned into small, cramped not-quite-ruffles that were decidedly less attractive than Happie Scrappie’s big pretty ruffles. I gave up after an hour, so unfortunately no ruffles as Samwise had requested. :( I folded up the scalloped edge instead, so it is kind of like ruffles?

Ruffles without ruffles.

Putting on a happy smile was much less difficult!

Happy happy ghost!

As a Halloween-appropriate touch, I unraveled pieces of orange and black yarn, took two plies of each, and twisted them together to make the bow.

Orange and black ftw!

A few in-progress photos, before I added the smile and the bow and flipped up the scalloped edge:

Not as happy, but just as cute!

I tried to introduce a certain someone to Samwise’s Halloween friend, but all he had eyes for were the roly poly, bright orange pumpkin chocolates we got from Samwise

“Time to meet my first ghost! Wait a second, what are these round things I see out of the corner of my eye?”

“Are these NOMS???”

“These are for me, right?”

“There’s so many!!”

“I nose bop everything before I nom it!”


“Into my tummy, beautiful orange nom!”

(Gif courtesy of Google Auto Awesome. The individual photos that comprise this gif are posted on my Tumblr over here!)

“Okay, time for a different strategy: sideways nomming!”

“Hey!! Stop rolling away!”

“Are there any smaller ones of these delicious-smelling orange things?”

“Will these ones over here be easier to nom?”

“Ha! I get a chin rest, and this one can’t roll away!”

“Er. Except now I can’t get at it to nom it…What’s that you were saying about meeting a ghost?”

“Whoa! I’m on a ghost!”

“What gorgeous views I have from up here!”

“May you all have a happy Halloween and good forecasts all year long!”



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