Today marks two whole years since Kirby showed up on my doorstep in a FedEx box!!

It’s party time!!

Are those candles for me?

Making my birthday wish!

Someone tried to eat his candles again…

Wishing done, time to nom my candles!

…but someone now knows what the word “No!” means.

What do you mean, candles aren’t for nomming?!

Well, if you insist, I will be a good boy and not nom my candles this year.

I am ridiculously proud of Kirby for listening when I yell, “No!” every time he tries to eat something he shouldn’t!

Posing for my birthday photo against the sparkly gold glitter backdrop!

Kirby has also somehow learned to pose for the camera. He is such a ham!

Where’s my cake?!

Since Kirby goes crazy for dandelion flowers, I wanted to make Kirby a birthday cake with lots of dandelion flowers this year. But Kirby’s birthday is right when there are no dandelions: All the dandelions from July have gone to seed already, and it’s too hot for new flowers to bloom yet!

Not a single dandie in sight.

To make up for failing my self-imposed cake requirements, I made Kirby an extra fancy cake instead!

Fancy layer cake incoming!

Layers and layers of kale, collard greens, and—Kirby’s favorite!—radicchio! With “frosting” made from frilly kale edges, and topped by two radicchio roses! (One rose for every year!)

This cake may have taken me more than hour to make.

The roses are curled up radicchio, not bacon.

Last close-up, promise!

Not as much diversity in ingredients as Kirby’s cake last year, but much improved in the presentations category!

Sitting pretty and ready for nomming!

Cake time!

Kirby immediately zeroed in on the frilly kale “frosting.”

I love frilly noms!

Once he had eaten all the frilly frosting in front of him, Kirby dug into the rest of the cake rather than have to move to get to the rest of the frosting.

So many noms!


Is that…radicchio?!

Radicchio is my absolute favorite nom ever!

Come to me, delicious radicchio!

Someone had some trouble pulling the radicchio layer out for nomming…

Almost got it!

I tried to help Kirby get to his radicchio. Instead, Kirby looked up and found the frilly frosting on the top of the cake!


Aaaaaand there topples the cake!

I’m just nomming my cake, not my fault it toppled!

With his cake toppled, Kirby promptly discovered the radicchio roses on top!

What’s this on the top of the cake?

Radicchio roses look pretty, and taste just as delicious as regular radicchio!


There’s TWO radicchio roses! Hurrah!

Happy happy!


I look like I have a snake tongue made of radicchio.

I am so excited I keep forgetting to swallow…

Whatchoo laughing at?!

Can I get radicchio roses for breakfast every day please?

No more radicchio roses, back to the frilly kale!

This frilly frosting is broken up into perfect little bite-size pieces.

Frilly kale doesn’t get easier to nom than this!

Food coma starting to happen…


I refuse to pass out before I have nommed all the frilly kale!

Contemplating how delicious frilly kale is.

Kale starting to spill out of mouth, must swallow.

I’m not making a mess. Not me, no way.

What’s this top layer made of?

Collard greens!

You’re not going to take this cake away from me, are you?

Onwards to nomming!

Kirby’s “present” this year was a digital scale to measure his growth. Kirby is still too small for our old spring scale to weigh accurately, so I scoured Amazon for a digital scale that can measure down to 0.1 g. It’s surprisingly hard to find a good, decent-sized scale that measures down to 0.1 g and costs less than $20! I ended up settling on this one. It technically does measure 0.1 g, since it shows readings in ounces down to 0.01 oz. But the gram setting actually only shows down to 1 g. So I have to measure in ounces and convert to grams.

More importantly, Kirby is definitely growing!! He is noticeably bigger, and he has finally grown his first set of rings on his shell this summer! (Tortoise shells grow bigger by each scute growing out in rings, like a tree.) Kirby is lighter than I would like and still way too small for his age, but he is definitely growing much faster now than before. Considering how sick he was last winter, Kirby’s new growth is a big success!

Growing bigger!
(I am terrible at remembering to trace Kirby’s shell at regular intervals.)

Last but not least, a bonus Google+ Auto Awesome gif!

Cake nomming Kirby is a happy Kirby!



2 thoughts on “Two!

    • Thank you, friend! :) I had a most happy birthday! :) If only every day could be my birthday so I could get a giant cake for breakfast every day…

      ~ Kirby

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