Pokémon Kirby

Happy Halloween from the newest and cutest Pokémon!

With his very own Poké Ball!

Abilities include nomming, side eye, and cute attack.
Weaknesses include baths and calcium powder.

Perfect size!

I originally meant to crochet Kirby a Poké Ball costume, so that he would be dressed up as a Poké Ball. But then Bored and I went to Toys “R” Us for kicks and found this perfectly sized plastic Poké Ball!

“This bottom half is so white and bright!”

“You want me to sit inside this thing?!”

The size is so perfect that I couldn’t say no (despite the not-ridiculous-but-still-eyebrow-raising price tag)!

“You can resist adorable me begging for more radicchio, but you coudln’t resist buying this plastic ball? Really?”

As a bonus, I got to be lazy this year and didn’t have to come up with a crochet pattern or figure out, for example, how and where to place the button on a crochet Poké Ball costume. Win on all fronts!

“No kidding you were lazy. There’s no food for me inside this Poké Ball!!”

“I don’t see any noms outside my Poké Ball, either.”

“Why are you still standing there with that camera?! Go get me noms this instant!”

Well, not quite all fronts. With this plastic Poké Ball, Kirby isn’t really dressed up as a Poké Ball anymore. Now he’s a Pokémon! Which requires coming up with a Pokémon name for Kirby, aka I couldn’t be completely lazy after all.

“But I already have a name! And I come running when I hear it!”

Except that I was still completely lazy and failed at coming up with a Pokémon name for Kirby. Kirbychu? Kirbymon? Kirble? (Last one is 0’s suggestion, after I failed to come up with any onomatopoeias.)

Kirby tried very hard to sit in the red half of the Poké Ball. After all, red is his favorite color!

“Made i–OOF!”

“That was totally intentional.”

“Now what?”

“Double checking for noms!”

“Bright white objects are strangely fascinating. I always run over for a closer look!”

“But you can’t nom fascinating. When are you giving me noms?!”

“Humans make the strangest things.”

“Any chance at all I could nom the red half maybe?”

“Can’t hurt to try…”

“Hang on…what’s outside my Poké Ball all of a sudden?!”

“Help! I’m surrounded!”

Many thanks to Bored for lending me part of her Pokémon collection for Kirby’s photoshoot!

“Oh, if they’re from friend Bored, then they must be okay!”

“Hello, fellow Pokémon!”

“This guy looks really angry.”

“He’s not angry at me, is he?”

“He must be angry about the lack of noms!”

“You’re still not walking over to the fridge to get me noms. MOM!!!”

“Why are you still not getting the hint.”

“I’m going to see what’s on the other side of my Poké Ball!”

“Whoa! It’s a Pikachu! And a Pikachu Pokémon!”

Kirby tried very hard to climb out of his Poké Ball to nom meet bright yellow Pikachu.

Gif courtesy of Google+ Auto Awesome!
Source images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

“I am going to climb out of this Poké Ball all by myself!”

“Actually…can I get some help?”

Someone is now strong enough to do things like lift the lid of his Poké Ball with his head!

Anything big enough for Kirby to sit inside is also big enough for Kirby to sit on top of!

“I may be a pro at sitting on things, but that doesn’t mean I get the point!”

True to expectations, super-strong someone was very interested in testing his new Pokémon friends for nom-ability.

“Hello, tiny Eevee!”

“Pikachu! Most famous of Pokémon’s! How do I become as famous as you?”

“The buttons on this Pikachu Pokémon MUST be noms!!”

“Squirtle, how do I grow as big as you?”

If Kirby continues to grow at his current pace, he won’t fit in his Poké Ball come this time next year!

Dreaming of treats all year round!


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