Barrel Cactus

A roly poly, pain-free cactus for Samwise! Also from May 2014.

No fingers will ever get pricked by this cactus!

See? No spines anywhere!

Pattern: from La casa de crafts
Hook size: E-4 (3.5 mm)
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Sage Green
Other materials:

· Tiny flowerpot (I forget the size or where I got it…)
· Twiggy filler stuff left over from when my mom made our flower baskets and that we dug up from some forgotten corner

Before potting:

After potting:

As a sort of apology for how late Samwise’s Eleventh Doctor phone cozy birthday present was, I added a little roly poly cactus to her package! Samwise sent me several cute cactus pictures that spring, so I whipped together this little guy for her adorable cactus needs. :) Then, since I had been neglecting my ruby ball cactus, I sent that, too!

Twoooooo roly poly cacti!
One is cuddlier than the other.

This was a very easy pattern. The one spot of bother was figuring out which side should be facing out. I ended up flipping the piece so that the wrong side faced out. Because of the flo stitches, the ridging on the right side is an overlapping sort of ridging. No real cactus would look like that!

The right side.

Look at those unnatural ridges!

The wrong side: Much smoother!

(Neither the cactus nor the yarn has any color changing abilities. The large differences in color among the different photos is a result of how sunny or not sunny it was outside the window nearby at the moments when the photos were taken.)

Despite how easy this pattern was, I was somewhat disappointed with how Samwise’s squishy cactus turned out. La casa de crafts’s cactus just looks so much nicer! And has a nicer fitting (i.e. smaller) pot, too!

How DARE you say I don’t look nice?!

Ah well, it’s still a cute little round cactus.

That’s better. Harumph!

I didn’t bother gluing the cactus to the filler or the filler to the pot. I figured it’d be better to let the cactus be removable so Samwise can reposition or remove it as her heart desires.

Assembly instructions: Plonk this fella…

…smack dab in the middle of this. And…done!

A squishy, spine-free cactus is much easier to balance on than a real, live, prickly cactus, but maybe still not the best place to sit…

“Do I smell nice fresh diggable dirt on the other side of this plastic???”

“Oof! Plastic is hard to walk through!”


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