Eleventh Doctor Phone Cozy

A very late post about a late birthday present for Samwise—from May 2014!

Bowtie, suspenders, and jacket all there!

Samwise’s birthday that year was shortly after the Eleventh Doctor retired, so this cozy was a way for her to keep seeing Matt Smith’s bowtie and suspenders. :)


· Hana Jaronova‘s pattern on Ravelry, with my own modifications for size
· My own pattern for the bow and snap closure strap
Hook size: E-4 (3.5 mm)

· Lily Sugar’n Cream in Jute, Soft Ecru & Red
· Red Heart Super Saver (100% acrylic) in Grey Heather
Other materials:

· Loops & Threads size 1 sew-on snaps (nickel-plated brass)
· Red and off-white sewing thread
Dimensions: Fits a Samsung Galaxy S II or S4 (more details below)

Getting the jacket edges to be straight took WAY more effort than I had imagined! I crocheted in rows, but the stitches still moved from row to row. For the first half of the cozy, I forced the jacket edges to be straight by making some stitches super tight and others super loose. Not an ideal solution and only works for so many rows before the stitches inevitably start moving anyways. Then I had the bright idea to add increases and decreases (in equal numbers so that the total number of stitches per row stayed constant) and a few hdc at the beginnings and ends of rows. Much better solution, but still not perfect.

Nice straight lines are totally as easy as they look.

Considering how ad hoc my increases, decreases, and hdcs were and how much I manipulated the tightness of the stitches for the first half, there doesn’t seem to be much point in publishing my modified pattern here.

I keep hearing that there is a way to crochet in rows and still get nice straight vertical lines without either of these tricks. I have yet to find what this magical method is. If anyone knows how to do this, I would much appreciate it if you could pass it on!

I wanted a bow more like a real bowtie, and not just a flimsy single-layer one like in Hana Jaronova’s pattern. So I came up with my own bow pattern, based on a stand-alone bow pattern I found somewhere online, and with my own pattern for the closing strap. I neglected to write either of those patterns down, so they are lost to eternity.

Big sturdy bow!

Middle bit is a crochet chain wrapped around tight! Don’t ask me how long the chain is though.

I was most pleased with how the snap closure turned out!

Ta da!

Hana Jaronova’s pattern didn’t include any sort of closure mechanism. From her photo, her phone cozy seems to be very snug, so she probably didn’t need anything to keep her phone safe inside the cozy. I wasn’t sure how snug Samwise’s phone cozy would be, and no safety closure at all seemed risky.

This makes getting out the phone inside…A SNAP!

I initially thought about using the “suspenders” on the cozy to hold the phone inside, like so. (Very clever idea, whoever first thought of it!) But that would mean getting rid of the “jacket” part of the phone cozy, since the suspenders would have to show up on the back. Plus, I worried that might be too cumbersome for Samwise to get her phone out quickly.

These suspenders are sewn on tight!

The red of the bow and suspenders should be a much darker red to be more accurate, but this is the only solid red yarn I have, and it seemed like a major waste to buy a big new skein of dark red yarn just for a small bow and two suspenders. So bright red they are!

I originally modified Hana Jaronova’s pattern to fit Samwise’s Samsung Galaxy S II (125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 mm). (Hana’s pattern fit a smaller Nokia C2-01 (109.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm).) About a month and a half before I finished the phone cozy, Samwise unexpectedly got a new phone! Her ✧ fabulous ✧ roommate gave her his old Samsung Galaxy S4 when he upgraded to an S5! Fortunately, the S4’s dimensions (136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm) are similar enough to the S II’s that I only needed to make the cozy a little longer, rather than having to redo the half I had already made.

To make sure Samwise’s phone would fit properly inside the cozy, I made a cardboard “phone” with the S4’s dimensions to test the cozy on.

Pumpkin calling!

Modeled by a real phone. That is way too small for the cozy. You wish this cozy was for you, BlackBerry!

Samwise now has an iPhone, so this cozy is probably too big for her phone now. Oh well, at least it fit for a year or so! Plus, the handy dandy strap and snap closure means that if Samwise wants to still use the cozy, her iPhone won’t fall out even if the cozy is too big!

Nothing’s getting out past this strap!

It wouldn’t do to send anything to Samwise without having it first inspected by a certain tiny someone…

“What’s this strange object that is clearly not noms?”

“Ooooo, what’s this big red thing!”

“Securely fastened? Check!”

“Suspenders red as the bow? Check!”

“Gotta make sure he’s wearing pants!”


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