Happy New Year!

At last, Kirby has someone to share a drink with to celebrate New Year’s!

Celebrating 2016 with friend Brunhilda!

Lunchbox’s old top hat is a bit small for Brunhilda. In fact, even Kirby’s top hat is starting to get a little small on him! Maybe next year will be time for me to make new, less tiny top hats?

A whole bottle for me to share with friend Brunhilda!

Let’s see, what does this label say…fizzy! Yes, excellent!

Mommy, can you open the bottle to help us pour some more?

We do get to drink the whole bottle, right?

Fizzy drinks are delicious!

Can we get fizzy drinks every day please?

Where to, next, Brunhilda?

I am getting kind of confused about directions…

Can I walk through this bottle?

This way!

Oops…did I knock that over?

Someone now demands radicchio on all special occasions…

Finally, noms! Every party needs noms!

EXCUSE ME. I like kale for everyday, but a party requires radicchio!!

Where’s the radicchio for this party?!

New Year’s “drinks” were followed by a New Year’s stroll in Kirby’s dapper best!

Not shown: Kirby then proceeded to knock down everything. He even knocked Brunhilda clean off the stack of boxes they were on!

I was completely within my rights to knock everything over! My party, my rules!

(Kirby was on a stack of boxes so that he would be high enough for me to use the TV as a backdrop. Very clever trick that I just learned about last week from Bored Panda!)

Last but best of all, Kirby got lots of cuddles! He even climbed up to my shoulder and chilled, something that he hasn’t done since before he got sick more than a year ago!

Cuddle time!!

Exploring the shoulder!

I am so tiny I can turn around on Mommy’s shoulder without falling off!

For some reason, Kirby always insists on sitting backwards on my shoulder, so that he’s peering over my shoulder. This makes taking photos somewhat difficult…

Even Google is in on the tortle fun this year!

2016: Tortles all the way down.
All hail the Tortle Tower!

🎉 Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉

✨ May you all have a tortle-ly awesome year! ✨



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