Doubly Late Cake

This Last (!) year’s cake was late for logistical reasons, and these photos are late for…saving-the-world reasons! orz


Artsy off-center shot!


And fancy chocolate!

Not chocolate.

But look at all those pretty colors!

We tried something new this year: A taro cake! With frosting that matched the delicious taro filling inside!

Pretty in purple outside…

…and inside!

Notice how everyone else is already eating in the background.

Everyone else is done already? Must mean it’s time for me to start eating my slice, too!


Meanwhile, the cake was once again a lie for Kirby.

If you’re not going to let me have any cake, then I’m sitting on the cake server and not letting you have any, either!

See all my growth lines? Maybe next year I won’t fit on the cake server anymore! Then I have to get cake, right?


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