Purple Hippo

A squishy purple hippo and a matching purple hippo card for the purple hippo-loving Alicia Wishart’s birthday last week!

Double dose of purple hippos!

More accurately, I first came across the purple hippo birthday card while looking for a birthday card for Waffles. Then I remembered the hippo pattern in my favorite pattern book, and I knew I had to make a squishy hippo to match the card!

Ready for birthday gifting!

Pattern: from Easy Crochet Critters
Hook size: G/6 (4.25 mm)
Yarns: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Grape
Other materials: 6mm safety eyes

I think this is a record for how many photos I’ve taken of a single project…so far…wait until you see how many photos I took of Superman!

The lazy part of me loved this pattern: Simple and all one color = quick and easy!

I am so quick and easy to make, there’ll be hundreds of me before you know it!

You won’t even see me coming, BWAHAHA!

Like all the other patterns in Easy Crochet Critters, this pattern had shaping built in: The head and body are one big piece. Add some cleverly placed increases and decreases to the body, and ta da! A big hippo head appears!

Me, clever? Aww, shucks!

All I had to sew on were ears, legs, and a tail!

Tiny round ears!

Did you know that real-life hippos have tails that look like frayed pieces of yarn?

Super accurate realistic tail.

I certainly didn’t know until I Googled “hippo tail” for image references on how long hippo tails are!

Okay, real hippo tails aren’t this long. And only look like frayed yarn because they have lots of hair at their ends.

Another fun fact I learned when I Googled “hippo tail”: Hippos spin their tails around while defecating to spread their poop around and mark their territories.

Incoming! Run awaaaayyyyy!

I made one mistake with this hippo: I completely forgot to give her nostrils!!

No nostrils means I can’t smell anything!!

I was supposed to sew two little black lines on her snout at the end. But by the time I realized I had forgotten, it was too late. Oops!

Nostrils or no nostrils, I’m still adorable, right?

No crafty project would be complete without a tortle inspection! Kirby not only helped me start on this hippo (click for the photos!), but also he inspected the hippo for squishy-ness when I finished!

Inspector Kirby reporting for duty!

Two eyes, check…

…Two ears, check…

…Properly squishy? Hmmm…

Turns out the purple hippo is the perfect size for Kirby to sit on!

Pssst…purple hippo, can you take me to where all the noms are hidden?

The purple hippo passed Kirby’s last and most important test: nap quality!

Time for the nap test…

Purple hippo passes the nap test with flying colors!


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